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Франция, Италия, Нидерланды

Ереван   02.08.2018 на 15 дней   тур
  мужчина ищет кого-нибудь
I`m gonna be alone on the trip which includes 3 countries including the capitals (Italy, France, The Netherlands).
I`ll arrive to Rome on 2nd of August and will stay in Italy for 7 days in the area. Will visit win regions and Florence for sure but I`m also looking a really nice beach to spend last 2 days under the sun with a cold drink in my hand haha.
On 9th of August I`ll fly to Paris to spend 5 days there where I will see one of my best friends who live in France and will have a few days to explore the city and surroundings. Exploring the Paris will not be the last country I`m gonna visit in the tour.
On 13th of August I`ll fly to Amsterdam to have the final days in the city of fairytales. Would like to explore the area and see every crazy corner of Amsterdam. 3 days after I`ll fly back to my home country Armenia.
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